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Three Women

Unleash your potential and Embrace your Power!

Calling all Career Women… Managers, Directors, Healthcare Practitioners,and Entrepreneurs!

Are you ready for 2024?

Are you looking to take your career, life and wellness to the next level? Are you ready to Unleash your inner strength and take control of your life? Discover “the secret to success strategies” that I used in order to go from poverty to 6 figure earner!

Connecting Dots

Grow Your Vision

  1. Are you struggling to manage your family life, career and relationship?

  2. Have you ever felt so overwhelmed and frustrated in finding a way to ease to overcome the challenges of juggling between a demanding job and family responsibilities?

  3. Have you ever found yourself in a moment of doubt, questioning whether you’re in the right path in life and if you’re making the best decisions for your future?

  4. Are you ready to unlock your true potential and become the BEST version of yourself?


If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then I want to give you the “secret strategies for success” in your career, family and relationship".

Connecting Dots

During the 4-day LIVE Virtual event, you will uncover the proven strategies to transform stress to success

  • You will discover your life’s purpose and meaning

  • You will learn proven strategies to overcome stress and keys in finding your own peace and happiness

  • You will gain the skills to build resilience and conquer life’s challenges with CONFIDENCE!

  • You will learn how to reinvent yourself in order to become the BEST VERSION of yourself so you can live your life to the fullest and be the best Wife, Mother, Daughter and Career Woman!

Discover and Unleash your full potential!

Meet your Master Coach...

Is a Licensed Occupational Therapist for 25 years, who have certifications and specializations in Ayres Sensory Integration for children with Disability, certified Dementia Care Practitioner and Geriatric Care; and a certified Senior Care Advisor. She is a Founder and CEO of her Businesses in Healthcare. She is a self-made woman who successfully shift her life from poverty to 6-Figure income. Working as an Occupational Therapist and in her Healthcare Business, she empowered individuals with disabilities to conquer their stress, achieve better health and well being, unleash their full potential, and provide essential support for their families. She discovered that her purpose in life extends beyond helping people with their physical well-being and function, to enable them to unlock their full potential in all aspects of their life. Her mission is to empower Women to navigate the complex challenges of career, family and personal growth, she aspires to help them find balance, conquer stress, discover their true potential and create a life that is harmoniously blend success in both their professional and personal life.

I cannot wait to see you at the Live Training!

Renelyn Landicho

Renelyn Landicho


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